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Welcome to Lucky 7 Devils, a top notch kennel located in the Heart of Houston, TX.  We believe in promoting the pitbull and bully breed in a positive way and are against any type of mistreatment to any animal.  Due to irresponsible and cruel individuals the pitbull and bully breeds have developed a negative stereotype amongst many people, and one of our goals is to educate others on how great these dogs are. The main bloodlines we work with on our yard are Gottiline, Gaff, and Castillo.  We have done research and have picked what we feel is the best blood to work with in achieving our goals. Lucky 7 Devils believes in quality over quantity and is very selective in its breedings.  In addition, we will always maintain healthy breeding ethics and provide our pregnant females with the ultimate best care.  All of our dogs are excercised everyday, fed great quality food, and are shown a lot of love to maintain a healthy and happy life. Our prices are very competitive and you will find that we carry some of the best stock out there for a more affordable price than what other kennels charge. We ship dogs all across the USA and selected countries around the world and are very professional in the way we conduct business.  Thanks for visiting our site and good luck on your search for a great companion.  NO DOGS WILL BE SOLD FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES. 


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Continental Airlines 
$204 + $0.26 per lb.
$264 + $0.26 per lb.
United Kingdom:
$659 + $0.75 per kilo
$224 + $0.75 per lb.
$559 + $0.75 per lb.
$644 + $0.75 per kilo
*All prices are USD. 
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